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Geek Squad In-Home Services December 13, 2008

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Pricing from the Best Buy Canada website for some of the services Geek Squad provides in-home

  • Operating System Installation – $249
  • The installation of a new operating system can be a daunting challenge. Facing many updates, possible driver and security issues, only a computer expert should attempt such task. Our highly trained Agents can install, configure, update and optimize your computer to perform to its fullest.

  • Data Back-Up – $199
  • A Geek Squad Agent will come to your home or business to securely back up your files, photos and more using your newly purchased external hard drive.

  • Premium In-Home PC Computer Setup – $164
  • Maximize your computer’s performance with more than 100 enhancements. We’ll personalize it to your needs, remove all unnecessary clutter and install all critical updates PLUS we’ll install and configure Norton 360 (includes antivirus, antispyware and firewall protection).

  • Wireless Home Network Setup – $149
  • Wireless networking can be tricky, but, securing it properly can be even more difficult. Our Agents will setup, secure and enable simple file and print sharing between 2 computers of your choice whether it be at your place of business or in your home.

  • Internal Card/Modem Installation – $149
  • Looking to upgrade your PC’s audio, video or networking capabilities? We’ll remove your old audio, video or network card, install your new one, then run it through a series of tests to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

  • Drive Installation – $149
  • We’ll install an optical drive (CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray) or hard drive into your PC and remove your old one. We then ensure that the drive is functioning correctly, and configure or partition it.

  • System Tune-Up – $129
  • Get your computer running the way it should be. We’ll optimize your computer’s start-up speed, clean and downsize the recycle bin and temporary files. Service includes de-fragmentation and optimization of the hard drive, as well as installation of critical updates for drivers and antivirus software (if available).

  • Standard Computer Setup – $129
  • Why suffer through the pains of dealing with all those evil cables? We will send an Agent out to your house/business to setup, optimize and show you how to operate your new computer system. Please note this is a limited time promotional price.

  • Software Installation – $129
  • Is a single piece of software giving you grief or are you unsure how to configure it properly? One of our Agents can install, update and import (maximum of 100MB) pre-existing data in the program of your choosing.

  • Memory Installation – $129
  • Has your computer slowed down over time? Do you perform a lot of multi-tasking? Allowing one of our Agents to increase the amount of System Memory in your machine will not only make your computer faster, but it will also make the use of it more enjoyable.

  • Anti-Virus Installation – $129
  • This package includes the installation and configuration of a separately purchased antivirus program. We also update the definitions, configure the software to automatically update, then scan your entire hard drive for any existing viruses.

  • Anti-Spyware Installation – $129
  • This package includes the installation and configuration of a separately-purchased anti-spyware program. We also update the definitions then scan your entire hard drive for any existing threats.

  • Add PC To Existing Wireless Network – $129
  • Do you have one computer which needs to be added to an already existing network? Not a problem; our Agents will be on the scene to setup and configure your system to fit your business/personal needs.

  • Data Transfer – $100
  • The Geek Squad Data Transfer gets your memories and important files placed onto your new Computer. A Geek Squad Agent will come to your home and transfer data from one Windows XP Computer to your new Windows Vista Computer.



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