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Wow June 6, 2009

Posted by ModelR in Uncategorized.


That’s all I can say at this point. I have finally completed my objective of setting up my server to the custom configuration that I intended to achieve.

After the tribulations that I encountered in setting up my server I came to realize a lot about Linux in general. Although the reasons for my configuration not initially working was due to a few mishaps, finding the correct information to solve the issues I was facing was a story in it self. I see myself as a novice when it comes to linux, but after looking through the forums and blogs throughout the net, it seems like we are all in the same boat. For every problem I faced it was as though there were others like me posting with requests for information. Each poster would share a bit of what they think the problem might be and a few things that they had heard along the way through the grapevine.

It seems as though there are two classes of linux people, the experts/developers and the novices/users. Everyone is looking to customize their installation for their purposes, however there isn’t a location to find a complete solution for a certain use. I haven’t used it, but Ubuntu Studio seems to be one package that is a complete solution for various purposes. With every package that there is available, it seems as though there are certain drawbacks or things that do not work completely the way they should. Developers develop an idea or software, but there isn’t complete documentation for how to put the software to use. In Windows when a software company puts a download link to their software, they also put instructions on what to do with the software after it has been dowloaded. They provide step by step and click through click details. From what I have seen for most Linux download packages, that’s all there is, a download link and specifications on what system it should work with. Take for example VMware Server. On their website they just put the link to the Linux version of their software. Why is it that you have to look on the net for a guide made by someone on how to install the program. From my point of view they should provide full details on how to go through a correct installation instead of leaving you to guess what to do with the download. For most people this is just useless.



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