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Things That I Dislike About Using Linux June 23, 2009

Posted by ModelR in Uncategorized.

Kernel Changes With Removed Features
-If your going to take a feature out of a Distribution or Kernel, I know that you will mention it in the release notes (along with 10000 other entries, but at least make an easy to find work around How To for people who critically depend on the removed feature. It’s like everyone is guessing and giving it a shot at finding out how to make things work how they used to, before the change. This is extremely unproductive. It’s like the choices are stay with the current setup that might have security flaws etc., or try to upgrade and spend a lifetime trying to chop things together so they work half as good as they did before.

Developers Coding Styles
-Developers coding in the newest, latest, greatest and most up to date compilers etc. That aren’t backwards compatible with what general users have on their systems. And to top it off they put checks in their programming that check if you have things enabled if not it won’t work for you. Yet they do not tell you that this is a requirement before you decide to install or use their program. After 100 reruns of installing required components then trying to install their software you’ll finally have it working.

to be continued……



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